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Friday, February 27, 2009

George Will: Global Warming

Well the Right Wing Nut Bag Pundits are on the loose again and it’s no other than George Will. Will’s latest rant in the Washington Post misuses and misinterprets data about Global Warming. This isn’t Will’s first foray into this area however, because he’s been preaching this bullshit for years. Like the late Michael Crichton Will and friends are determined to prove to the public they know something about science.

There have been other idiots to spill their guts about such scientific misgivings in recent days such as Camille Pagela.  Now let’s see Pagela has a PhD in what?  I think it’s something to do with literature ( English)?  And George Will?  I believe his is in Politics!  Well that should really cover it.  I guess you would go to a guy with PhD in Politics if you wanted to know something scientific about Environmental Climate Change!

It always amazes me that these political pundits think that they are a scientists.  Yet most of these people who have degrees have them in fields that are as far from science as possible. I might as well bend a few more people out of shape with this little essay, so here it goes!  The two easiest degrees to get in college as far as I am concerned are Law and Political Science (Politics, Government whatever they are calling it these days with English not far behind).

If these people wanted to be scientists why didn’t they go through the rigors of getting such degrees?  Well, could it be that they aren’t smart enough?  Or could it be they didn’t want to put in the time?  Well let’s give Will and all these other pretenders to the scientific throne a break and take door number two….they didn’t want to put in the time!

Close to 98% of all the true environmental climate experts believe in Global Warming and believe that humans are having a major impact on it.  Yet what I find most interesting is that I don’t see scientists writing on literature and politics (except for me because I like to jerk everyone’s chain) and proposing that 98% of the experts are wrong in these disciplines!

The George Will’s and the Rush Limbaugh’s of the world are dangerous.  Not because they know anything but because they do not!  It’s the fact that they have a stage to infect gullible unsuspecting people with their disinformation that makes them dangerous.  As I said the USA is a semiliterate nation and it’s also scientifically illiterate.  People think in sound bites because they lack serious analytical and critical thinking skills,  and  people like Will, Limbaugh’s and others cater to this mentality.

The sad part is that the Washington Post and other newspapers publish this nonsense and you wonder why the American Print Media is in trouble and going bankrupt!!!!!!!!!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's interesting that you blast others over their lack of scientific credentials without stating your own. You consider yourself a "nationally known" scientist, yet your list of publications doesn't include a single scientific journal. Do you care to share your academic credentials? Plus, "law" is never offered as an undergraduate degree, so it's laughable that you consider it the easiest degree to get in college.

1:50 PM


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