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Friday, February 13, 2009

Clean Coal: The Myth of Morons and Preached by Idiots: Politicians

There is no such thing as CLEAN COAL!  There never was and there never will be!  It was a scam from the start and the myth of morons enhanced and preached by idiot politicians to a media that has the scientific intelligence of an earthworm! Even the new President,-- Obama……thinks there is such a thing!  And the idiot that he appointed to head the Interior Department Salazar is in the pocket of the mining industry.  In fact, Salazar thought that Gale Norton, the former criminal head of the Interior appointed by Bush was a good pick!

The mountain top removal in West Virginia is the first step in the process of “clean coal.”  It is environmental destruction at its worst.  The toxic waste of this wonderful idea is then dumped into the rivers, valleys, and over the hill sides to produces a poisonous mess that is beyond description.  It literally wipes everything out in most streams (that is if there is a stream left; in some areas the streams are just covered up) including the aquatic life of streams.  It produces everything from acid mine drainage to mercury and arsenic poisoning and massive amounts of heavy metals.  

The people living down stream of this mess are subject to a massive amount of health issues from all the perturbations and not to mention their land and water being destroyed. One of the things I find most amusing as an aquatic scientist is the fact that somehow you can dump a mountain top of poison into a stream and not violate the Clean Water Act!  On December 22, 2008 in the wonderful environmental state of Tennessee, a coal plant let loose with over 500 million into the Tennessee River.  The pollution headed downstream to the residents of Alabama and Kentucky.  But for the most part the geniuses in the media missed most of the consequences of this even though long term effects of this mess could be a nightmare of health problems for the residents of those states.

It’s just lie after lie from the media spin of the coal and mining industry in America and it never changes.  I won’t even waste your time with the other nonsense and the amount of money spent trying to burn or liquefy clean coal except to tell you that coal produces twice the CO2 admissions that a gallon of oil does.  

I recently saw some idiot from one of these coal companies on a news program trying to convince people that after they throw the spoils in a pile and rebuild some mountains they seed it and it’s just basically the same as before!  Well Holy Shit….let’s see now you destroy an Eastern Temperate Forest which has a biodiversity just below that of the Amazon and you mix up all these toxic chemical heaps and try to grow a few shrubs like a tree farm and it’s just as good as before!

What did I tell you:  Clean Coal: The Myth of Morons and Preached by Idiots: Politicians!  What a wonderful world it is!!!!!!!!!!!!

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