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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Solving the Evolution Problem in Texas

There are in fact two things, science and opinion; the former begets knowledge, the latter ignorance.


It’s starting all over again in the Idiot State of Texas.  Creationism with the support of the scientifically illiterate Governor Rick Perry is once again rearing its ugly head. Of course, in case you haven’t guessed Perry is a Republican.  Dr. Don McCleroy, dentist, and chairman of the state board does not believe in evolution and thinks the earth is not billions of year old but only a few thousand years old.


The board wants certain lines and phrases in textbooks on evolution changed to meet the insane demands of the creationists on the school board who are demanding that evolution be described as a “weak theory” that doesn’t hold water.  The same techniques that creationists and the masquerading of creationism in “intelligent design” have argued for years.  These so called weaknesses have of course been destroyed in the science community but the scientific illiterates will never give up. The problem is that text book publishers are not going to make different versions of the same biology text books for different states and Texas is one of the largest text books purchasers in the country.


The thing I find most amusing is that scientists should demand that they are allowed to speak in the fundamentalist churches and talk about the weaknesses in their God Theory of the Universe!


The fight to include religious beliefs and to destroy science will never end in Texas and some other southern states.  These lunatics with the aid of Republican Party want a theocracy.  However there is a method to stop it on at least one front.  It’s rather simple if a Texas student wants to go to college and they have not had a proper biology class with evolution being taught as the driving force, or they have had one of these “Mickey Mouse” biology courses watered down with creationism….guess what…. NO HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT!!!!!


That’s right if you want to go to college you must then go and take an approved biology course taught under the guidelines of evolution not creationism!!!!!!!!  If colleges and universities would take this stand it would put a partial end to this theocratic insanity in Texas and other southern states.  Then the religious fanatics could go to court and fight this case too, but they would lose just like they have lost in other federal cases over evolution. A college or university has a right to require certain courses to their satisfaction for entrance to their higher education programs whether they are math or BIOLOGY!!!!


Considering the idiots in Texas is it any wonder it produced one of the greatest morons, criminals and losers in history….George Bush! 


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