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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bush Adminstration: Latest Environmental Insanity

The latest environmental insanity delivered right to your door:

  • The state of Indiana is allowing BP (British Petroleum) a permit for the dumping of Mercury into Lake Michigan. The plant has already released 3 pounds of Mercury a poisonous neurotoxin during the 2002 -2005. The federal standard has a limit of 1.3 ounces per year. The permit gives BP until the year 2012 to meet the standards. BP complained that no one could meet the federal standards to clean up Lake Michigan. Of course, the idiots in Indiana and the federal government fail to understand the cumulative effects of these pollutants over time in the food chain and biogeochemical pathways but of course it doesn’t really matter under this administration now does it! Therefore, with all honors and glories we give the environmental rapist awards to British Petroleum and the State of Indian because they were too tough.
  • Dick “I’ll Fuck the World UP” Cheney failed to show up today for an environmental hearing in the House about the Bush Administration’s interference with Science. The hearing is the result of Dick “The Earth Rapist Cheney’s” interference and forcing of federal government to cut water to the Klamath River in Oregon which caused the death of over 60,000 salmon including Coho which resulted in wiping out the commercial salmon industry of the Northwest!
  • Henry Waxman of California (D) is leading another investigation into the Bush Administration’s censoring and changing a global health report put out by the previous Surgeon General Carmona because the science didn’t agree with the administration’s politics. One of the interesting things that were cut from the Carmona’s study was the declaration that health is a human right. Well this fits right into the Bush Plan…fucking humans have no rights under this fucking dictator.

Now doesn’t all this good fucking news just want to make you stand up and fucking cheer! Is this great or what? What a beautiful fucking country! You don’t even have the right to KNOW! Why don’t just go out and ingest some good old fucking Mercury! And if you ingest just a little you’ll be just as fucking crazy as the people running this country. Maybe that’s their plan after all!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dr. Gupta pulls a Dnish D'Souza on Us!

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is he the Dnish D’Souza of CNN? I have no problem with Dr Sanjay Gupta as a neurosurgeon and a healer. However, his performance versus Michael Moore over his movie “Sicko” did more than show that the emperor has no clothes. It showed the bias Dr Gupta has as a physician against not for profit medicine in bold colors. Was it this bias that allowed Gupta to screw up the data? In fact, when you are talking “ball park figures” from WHO or the US government there isn’t enough of a difference to make it significant yet Gupta accused Moore of “fudging the numbers.”

It’s too bad CNN didn’t have the balls to accuse George Bush and his Neofascist contingent for “fudging the number “about this insane war. But Moore prevailed destroying Wolf Blitzer about CNN’s previous attack on Fahrenheit 911. In the news media today they try to give balance even though there is no balance between certain studies or reports. They had to attack Moore because he is an easily attackable guy to protect some aspect of the health care industry and corporations that Gupta and CNN is part of. Gupta can say he is objective but he is not. His bias and CNN’s were exposed for all to see. Giving equal time to the Creationists versus Science is another ploy by networks which tries to give balance about myth versus science and seriously screws up the truth. This interview about Moore was not about truth but about downplaying the overall theme of “Sicko” for corporate America by trying to nitpick something statistically to make it appear less scientific but unfortunately for Gupta, CNN and Blitzer it failed!

It’s hard to believe that Dr. Gupta would argue such mundane and unimportant stuff when the real point was that we spend more on health care individually in this country and are getting less than other nations. How can you argue that it’s a great system when we have 45 million uninsured citizens and most people barely surviving to pay their health insurance? How can you argue for a system that closes the door to moving from another job or working for yourself because no one can afford decent health care? There is no defense for Gupta’s stupidity and bias in this event. But like the Dnish D’Sousza, the Simpleton from the Right, Gupta falls into the same category by never biting the hand that feeds him….Corporate America. Gupta like D’Sousza parrots the Corporate mantra. It’s too bad because Dr. Gupta could have been a hero to this country by stating that for the most part Michael Moore’s film does a good job of exposing some of the major problems and demanding reforms as a physician of the American Health System! Instead….he pulled a D’Sousza on us and forevermore he will be less trusted by the public.