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Monday, June 11, 2007

Republican Party Rejects Evolution!

A recent Gallop poll showed that upwards of 68% of Republicans do not believe in evolution. But this comes as no surprise to me. Most of these people believe in the relative mythology of the bible and creationist teachings and that the earth is no more than 10,000 years old. It doesn’t matter that this flies in the face of basic science and perhaps it flies in the face of common sense. But when did anyone in this so called Republican Party have any idea what reality or common sense was.

America is a semi-literate nation. America is a scientifically illiterate nation. The world is rapidly moving through many scientific and technological cycles and America is stuck in the Dark Ages. The world is crashing in on us but under the leadership of the Neofascists in the White House and Congress this country continues to cling to mythological beliefs that rational human beings reject.

But the Republicans have many Gods. These include the money gods, the economist and the corporatist. They reject all science and use the treacherous power of fear, and guilt to maintain control over the public. The late Jerry Falwell was part of such a group. Falwell and Pat Robertson and the rest of these charlatans used every trick in the book to accumulate vast quantities of wealth in the name of God while rejecting the very fabric of scientific thought. In fact, they played upon such mythological beliefs of the uneducated public to get even more money from the American public.

The Republican Party rejects science because science is a search for truth. Objective methods of analysis are the last thing the Republican Party wants anyone to use to evaluate what is going on in the world because they want the public to respond only to their fear mongering and threats. They are the antithesis of rational and scientific thought. It’s the year 2007 and the Republican Party proves to be as scientifically and culturally illiterate as people were over 600 years ago! And you wonder why we our government has fucked up the world so much! You need look no further than this poll because it says it all!