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Friday, December 08, 2006

National Science Teachers Association Caught with Their Hand in The Corporate Cookie Jar!

The National Science Teachers Association has been caught red handed with their hands in the “corporate cookie jar.” A breaking story about their refusal to accept 50,000 free DVDs on Global Warming from Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth while having their hands in the oil company bank vaults including Exxon Mobil, ConocoPhillips, and the Petroleum Institute will probably destroy their credibility for all time. (Op-ed: Laurie David Washington Post: htp://www.washingtonpost.com/wpdyn/content/article
/2006/11/24/AR2006112400789.html). According to
Ms. David NSTA has taken at least 6 million dollars from Exxon since 1996.

The same NSTA distributed over 20,000 videos in 2003 (10 part series) funded by those great environmentalist: ConocoPhillips! Now it gets worst as NSTA website is trying to purge articles and deny relationships with certain industry according to Laurie David (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/laurie-david
/crooked-curriculum-oil-c_b_35829.html). Evidently, the intellectuals at NSTA don’t understand how the web works and that people can still get what they had on their website even if they take it down! I guess that should tell you something about the intelligence of the people running the NSTA. Why would a true Science Association take money from a company like Exxon that spends millions of dollars on disinformation that Global Warming and other pollution problems are a myth? I’ll let you decide that one for yourself because I’m laughing too hard!

But there is a much bigger story here and that is this: The Complete Takeover of Society by Corporate Interests. As a scientist and the executive director of a new nonprofit on environmental stewardship (The Last River and Gamekeeper www.riverandgamekeeper.org) I have watched this process in every form. I have seen good science and good environmental organizations compromised. In my own experience my pro bono work in the state of Pennsylvania (worth hundreds of thousands of dollars) caused me to lose more than that amount in my personal consulting practice (www.eugenemacri.com) because firms and groups were told not to hire me by certain state agencies because my pro bono work closed their polluting fish hatchery and focused attention on their incompetence. It didn’t matter that the work helped save and restore one of the greatest brook trout spring creeks in the world (www.bigspring-pa.org). For example, watershed groups in most states are totally ineffective because of the bureaucracy that is created by the state to get grants and is further inhibited in fund raising unless they say nothing about industry.

Even organizations like Trout Unlimited have had their principles compromised in the past because of industry influences and connections. Industry knows that all of these groups need money but that check seldom comes without strings attached. However, in the case of NSTA this is paramount to a complete and total sell-out of science in America. Over the years some scientists have told me that they couldn’t comment or write about certain matters because they were afraid of losing their grants from industry for the university they worked for. Their job performance, continued employment, and advancement were based on their grant getting abilities from industry. Very few scientists in the US will speak out on many subjects if it threatens their job. If you don’t believe me just look around! How many scientists from America do you see on television or in the media compared to other countries like Great Britain? Not many! Universities in America are nothing than corporations run by industry. Breaking News: I have just learned that the UK newspaper The Guardian (http://www.guardian.co.uk/frontpage/story
/0,,1967385,00.html) is reporting that the famed cancer scientist, the late Sir Richard Doll was on the payroll of the Monsanto Corporation. In certain time frames he received as much as $1500.00 per day as a consultant for them. This is a major black eye to science and to the memory of this great scientist because Doll stated that Agent Orange made by Monsanto did not cause cancer. There is nothing wrong with being a consultant to industry as long as the scientist makes it public. But in this case there appears to be a real conflict of interest which compromised Doll and may be dangerous in understanding the effects of Agent Orange on those exposed to it. This story obviously makes my point that Corporate Powers can perhaps corrupt the best people including world renowned scientists.

I believe the NSTA fiasco is the tip of the iceberg and represents a serious and fundamental flaw in our democracy and that is that anything can be bought and paid for. But when it’s science—we are in real trouble because that may be our only chance to search for truth, and when it’s compromised we have nothing left as a society!


Anonymous Steve Peacock said...

I am truly aghast at this corruption of science as well as of education. I recently decided -- at least temporarily -- to accept a job writing about the petroleum industry rather than become a teacher, precisely because of the rise of Big Education and its corporate partners. The test-taking, non-critical-thinking aspects of No Child Left Behind were equally a motivating factor.

Recently someone of influence told me not to think, not to analyze, not to question Big Oil; this person sueggested I just write and report on the numbers and statistics fed to me. Don't ask too many questions.

"But so much of this information is bullshit. What we heard last year about oil prices appears to be nonsense based on the current facts," I responded.

"Don't go there," he warned me.

How freaking distressing. I feel like I could curl up in a ball and just die, I'm so disgusted with the state of affairs of this world.

8:37 PM


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