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Thursday, December 07, 2006

EPA Wants To Remove Lead From Toxins List

In its continuing process to become nothing more than a spokesman for industry the EPA is considering removing lead from a list of toxins. Because lead concentrations have declined in the last decade was the excuse given by the EPA. This change is needed because someone in the battery industry appears to once again have compromised the scientific integrity of the EPA.

Lead comes from a variety of sources including lead based paint, contaminated soil, water, and dust. Lead can and will affect most body systems. It is especially dangerous to children and including developing fetuses. Lead causes problems with mental and physical development including IQ and the ability to learn. Other complications depending upon the concentration and exposure include damage to the nervous system, kidneys and blood cells.

Lead may have been a major problem and responsible in some way for the fall of the great Roman Empire because it was used so extensively in drinking vessels and pipes. Dr. Needham of the University of Pittsburgh believes that lead in developing children affects neural mechanisms responsible for the regulation of impulses and is the cause of antisocial and criminal behavior (makes you wonder about the use of lead in Rome doesn’t it). In the 70’s Dr. Needham was one of the first to understand the relationship and causes of low levels of lead in cognitive problems with children. Unfortunately many of these adverse health affects are forever.

So now in their infinite wisdom the EPA wants to remove lead from the toxins list. It’s hard to believe we live in the so called richest nation of the world because one would think we would have an educated populace. Perhaps too many of them have also been lead poisoned including this administration and the EPA. Find out who your Congressman and Senators are and write a damn letter demanding that such insanity by the whores at the EPA be short circuited. If you don’t care about yourself that’s fine but do it for the kids. It’s hard enough to bring up a child in America today without the threat of damaging children and fetuses due to lead poisoning. Kids deserve better but this administration thinks otherwise. You know it makes you wonder about the morality of the so called religious freaks who scream about abortion but don’t give a damn about the health of a developing fetus or a child!


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