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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bush Releases Nuclear Secrets Commits Treason!

George Bush and his administration over the objections of intelligence agencies posted nuclear secrets on a government website committing treason. The Bush administration posted documents from the original Gulf War (1990) in an insane attempt to try and prove that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction

Many of the documents were a “how to guide” on "how to get from point A to point B" said an intelligence official who wished to remain anonymous. The documents included actual engineering diagrams and short cuts getting around problems in designing nuclear weapons. According to expert weapons inspector Dr. David Kay, Iraq has long ago given up on their nuclear program.

Never in the history of this country has this amount of secret weapons information by any agency or citizen been given to the enemy except by the so called administration who is fighting terror. The Bush Regime is so crazy in efforts to justify an illegal war that they have given the enemies of the United States a blue print for succeeding. Never in the history of this nation has any administration been so wreck less in its disregard for the protection of it citizens and the safety of the nation by trying a political stunt of releasing classified information such as these.

This is the same administration that threatened the NY Times for exposing the data base data mining and claimed it would hurt National Security. Never in the history of this country has any population been so lied to under the guise of protection. The United States is being run by a Sociopath President Bush, a Psychopath Vice President Cheney, and a Delusional Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld with a group of Republican and some Democrats in Congress who have destroyed the Constitution and the Bill of Rights under the guise of protecting us from terrorism.

Bush and his administration should be charged with treason for crimes against the citizens of this country and the Constitution in destroying this great nation. LET THE TRIALS BEGIN OR LET THEM FINISH DESTROYING DEMOCRACY!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Laura Bush: Michael J. Fox is Manipulating the Media; Try Looking in the Mirror Mrs. Bush!

The First Lady, Laura Bush accused Michael J. Fox of manipulating the media because of his condition of Parkinson’s disease. Mrs. Bush stated that it was wrong for Fox to tell people that increased support for embryonic stem cell research and funding could lead to cures for diseases.

Laura Bush like her husband can only be described as one of the true “lightweights” to inhabit the oval office during my life time. Laura Bush and her husband together would have a hard time passing a 7th grade science test let alone understand what they are talking about when it comes to stem cell research. Their arguments on stem cell research are based on some ideological religious belief that makes little sense scientifically but that’s what ideologues do: they force reality into their limited concept of the universe that fits into their little box. But that’s not the point…the point is her accusation that Michael J. Fox was manipulating the media because of his illness.

Mrs. Bush was a pothead when she was in college according to people who went to school with her. Her husband, the president also had some substance abuse problems with alcohol and perhaps other drugs. Perhaps they are both good examples of short term memory loss due to drugs.

Where has Laura Bush been the last six year while her husband’s administration has tried to manipulate and misinform the public and the world on everything from terrorism, the Iraq War, weapons of mass destruction to evolution and global warming? This is the administration that was paying people in the media to proliferate their views on everything from education to the war!

This is the administration that has bankrolled hundreds of millions of dollars so the Pentagon can get their “so called view” of the Iraq War in print because it can longer dupe everyone in the world at the same time. This is the administration that has changed scientific studies and reports as well as threatened scientists to follow Bush’s administration of “pseudoscience” policy or lose their jobs.

This is the administration that doesn’t want the caskets of slain servicemen shown or photographed. This is the administration that says we are winning the war! This is the administration that denies saying, “Stay the Course in Iraq.”

And now the lovely First Lady a complete scientific illiterate like her husband has the nerve to attack a young man who has a lovely family, and who is fighting for his life and perhaps the future of other people in need of some future medical discovery and call it media manipulation! These people have no soul as far as I am concerned and the God they speak of does not exist except in their sick minds. I wonder if their daughters were dying would they still be so hateful and lacking in compassion?

Next time you want to talk about manipulating the media Mrs. Bush, grab your husband and look in the damn MIRROR!