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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Death of The EPA and Science Under Bush

The death of the EPA and the destruction of science by the Bush administration could have been predicted. But few in the scientific community and in this country could have predicted the depth of its destruction. The EPA is DEAD! Scientists are afraid to speak the truth for fear of losing their jobs. Data, studies and reports are changed and reworded to meet the belief system of the antiscientific crazies who are now running this country.

From Global Warming to Water and Air Quality it is a sad time for this country. Some of the damage may be permanent. Bush and friends have done this without basically a whimper from the main stream press. Bush has used political appointees rather than scientists in many administrative positions which control research and to doctor data and reports. Citizens especially children are drinking, breathing and eating contaminants that will shorten and lessen the quality of their life. The long term effects of this anti scientific approach will be devastating.

Some scientists have quit, others have retired early. Those that are left are totally dismayed at what has occurred during these six years. As far as I am concerned the EPA didn’t do much under the Clinton administration. Clinton and Gore talked a good game about the environment but failed to deliver. Compared to the present occupants in the White House however, they look pretty good.

The disgrace started when Christine Whitman, the head of EPA lied to the workers at the 911 sites of the twin towers about the contaminated air. The air was laced with a variety of chemicals, asbestos and other particles. The EPA lied and all most all of those workers have serious medical problems. They told them the air was safe to breathe. I told everyone they were lying. They didn’t care about people’s lives how do you think they care about the environment. To these people God is coming and we should just rape everything. Whitman should be tried for murder and all of the people who participated in this scam as far as I am concerned because they sent those workers to certain death.

There is no sanity left in this nation. The people in charge are sociopaths. They lie about war. They lie about science. They lie about everything. The long term environmental damage and degradation done by this administration will haunt future generations and those bastards in the media sat by once again and said little or nothing


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