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Friday, September 15, 2006

Wolf Blitzer of CNN: Environmental Dickhead of the Week

Wolf Blitzer of CNN has once again allowed the Global Warming Skeptics a stage for their rhetoric. Recently, he allowed Dr. Gray of Colorado to counter a paper by Tom Wigley and others at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. It's not that Dr. Gray is not a respected scientist because he is. Gray is not a climate scientist , however. His meteorological analysis does not hold water (no pun intended). He cannot explain his convictions. His analysis is extremely limited in terms of all the data available. And he is not considered an expert on Global Warming. It's that 97 to 99% of the scientists who work on true climate research agree that man is at least partially responsible and is increasing Global Warming. So Dr. Gray and a few other scientists make up less than 3%.

Now consider this: around 15 to 18% of astronomers, astrophysicists and related scientist probably believe in UFO's (some people in academia tell me it may be higher but these people just don't want the criticisms that come with these beliefs if they were made public). If you talk to pilots you might get around 20% or more who believe in UFOs. Now when was the last time you saw these people on prime time news discussing their beliefs. These people when they do get some publicity are relegated to the SciFi Channel or a UFO show on the History Channel, and usually late at night! Yet, they make up a greater number of scientists compared to the few that are skeptical of Global Warming!

This is the same nonsense that goes on in the evolution debate. People from the Discovery Institute, and the likes of Coulter, and other lunatics get a platform to disavow evolution. The media gives them equal footing even though the courts have not! The public sees this and thus a certain percentage believes that there must be something to this (as a side note: In America more people believe in ET and UFOs than believe in Evolution).

When Ted Turner lost control of CNN it spelled the doom of this once proud news organization. Blitzer and friends are nothing more than mindless media pumps that serve garbage to the masses and try to gift wrap it and call it something else. But it's still garbage no matter how you spin it.

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