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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

John Stossel and Joe the Idiot Scarborough Strike Again

When you think they can't get any crazier at MSNBC Scarbough invites John "the whore" Stossel as a climate expert. Stossel continues his nonsense that there is no global warming or that man is not contributing to it. Stossel continues to cite the nonsense of the Right Wing Republicans and the CATO Institute. Joe then kisses his ass by telling him how great his stupid book is doing on Amazon.

Stossel then starts his rampage that anyone that believes in global warming and wants to do something about it is against capitalism! Stossel is given a free ride by the media because he is one of them. Stossel knows about as much science as the people in the White House. These clowns continue to take advantage of the scientific illiteracy of the American Public. They know they can poison the water and cause confusion and they do just that. ( I invite everyone to go through Yahoo or Google and get the facts on Global Warming and compare it to the right wing sites and their repeated mantra).

This is the game against science in America and Stossel is part of it. Stossel is just a light version of Ann Coulter. Both of them are just dickheads...pure and simple! The attack on science in America is at an all time high as we continue down the path of mysticism and crony capitalism otherwise known as Neofascism.


Blogger hobbes21 said...

Right on! Those schmucks are lining their pockets as the oceans ride--content that their Hummers will allow them to survive the Apocalypse.

10:57 PM


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