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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Why the English are Healthier than Americans!

A recent study shows that the English are healthier than Americans. In fact, even the rich in this country are only as healthy as the less well effluent in England. This includes over all health as well as cancer, diabetes, lung cancer etc. U.S. scientists are at a loss because the English tend to smoke just as much and drink more.

Of course, the data is even more upsetting because the U.S. spends twice as much per citizen on health care than England. Adjustments for minorities and other data still show the same results. Similar data of the U.S. versus other countries in Europe in recent years makes the latest data no surprise to me and other environmental scientists.

Unfortunately, most of the media which has been brainwashed and intimidated by the U.S. government can't understand the data either. They continue to tout what a great land and what a great place America is to live. Really? One item that is noted in the study is that people in England (and most of Europe) are making more money than they did a decade or more ago while Americans' incomes have become stagnant! The English also have a basic safety net of social mechanisms lacking in America.

Studies have shown that the American Dream has become a myth. Upward mobility in America is lacking according to data in the last twenty years. You have a better chance of succeeding and getting rich in countries like Canada than you do in the U.S. People spend more time with their families and do more social things in England and Europe. In the U.S. people don't appear to have time to breathe while most work two and sometimes three jobs to survive.

There are two reasons why we are less healthy than other countries who spend less on health care and they are simply: 1) STRESS and 2) ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION. You don't need a PhD to figure out why. In any ecosystem organisms that are under constant stress like Americans are less healthy. Trout in a stream under constant stress show similar results. Now add the influx of total environmental degradation which is cumulative and synergistic and you get sicker organisms. We can do this in a laboratory or we can watch it in nature but medical scientists for some reasons believe the immune systems of humans don't function that way. They should think again!

The U.S. can continue to spend more money but it won't make any difference. The system needs changed and fast! If it doesn't most Americans will continue these patterns of damaged immune systems due to the constant stress and environmental toxins. Welcome to the America of stress and pollution brought to you by both the Republicans and Democrats. The few extra cents you make chasing the American Dream......won't buy you good health no matter what you do! And those bloody Brits are smoking more and drinking more and are healthier than you! Ain't fair is it...cowboy!


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