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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Canada: Thank You For Letting The USA Destroy Your Environment!

In places like Alberta Canada the price of American’s insane appetite for oil has alarming consequences. Once pristine rivers and forests are now being destroyed in the name of our gas guzzling vehicles and wastefulness. Massive strip mines dig deeply into the oil sands. Because of so called new technologies and the high price of oil these areas in Canada has now become profitable to mine.

The environmental degradation however is beyond belief to get the oil. One barrel of oil equals usually 2 to 5 barrels of water (which ends up polluted) and up to 4 tons of oil sand! That’s right! That’s what it costs to get. We won’t even go into the processing of the oil and those contaminants….it’s just too mind boggling. The rise in carbon dioxide in these regions in Canada is also contributing greatly to global warming.

The energy companies are saying that they will come up with technologies to reduce the pollution and reclaim land and water. God, I’ve heard that since I was a kid growing up in Pennsylvania for all the mining there, technology is going save and restore. Absolute nonsense….it will never happen!

Meanwhile, many environmental groups in Canada want the mining permits stopped but the Canadian Government is pressing for more areas to be mined. The Washington Post and some newspapers in Canada have reported a rise in cancer in many of the natives living near the mines but that won’t matter to the governments of Canada and the US. For the most part these people are just collateral damage.

And you wonder why the world seems to hate us. We are the gluttons of the world and everyone else must pay the price for our misuse, overuse, and just pure arrogance about everything. All parts of the world and cultures of people must suffer so that we can maintain our insane life style. A life style based on constant destruction of the world’s systems but don’t worry technology will save us and if that doesn’t work….God will, because he is on our side and wants us to use everything on earth…including Canada!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just watched " A Lion in the House " on PBS this evening. A story of children with cancer. Fact is, those kids were murdered by greed. Greedy CEOs who want more profit in their bank accounts. No need to control their factories emissions of heavy metals or volatile organic compounds into the air, land and water. They live miles away in their gated communities. The poor kids in the Cincinatti neighborhoods contaminated by toxic waste had no choice but to live in the death zone. The hit-men in Washington share the same indifference to suffering as do their corporate masters. May they suffer a thousandfold the pain of the children they've killed. I curse them all to die horrific deaths.

11:31 PM


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