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Monday, February 20, 2006

Michael Crichton and George Bush: Real Science, Global Warming and the Environment!

President Bush is a fan of Michael Crichton. Bush evidently spent a long time with Crichton discussing global warming and perhaps his fictional account of ecoterrorism, State of Fear. This is the president who can’t pass a seventh grade science test. But it doesn’t matter because once again it’s the same mode of operation for this administration…..denial!

Crichton can only be described as incompetent as a scientist. The sad part is that he has a MD from Harvard. Thank god he never decided to practice medicine. But don’t let that MD from Harvard fool you. I’ve pissed off enough people over the years in my comments that MDs should be required to get a PhD in biology or related areas before getting an MD. Over the years I’ve found most MDs limited in a basic understanding of environmental science, risk assessment, and nutrition just to mention a few.

Crichton has similar views on DDT and distorts the evidence on these fronts also. He is the golden boy of the right just as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the favorite of the left. Both appear to lack scientific understandings on major issues and bend it to suit their political dialogue no matter what. Crichton’s book, State of Fear, has been destroyed by scientific peer review. I will not go into an analysis of the fraud presented in Crichton’s book because others have already done that (try www.earthinstitute.columbia.edu).

It has now reached the point of total insanity in this country in terms of science. Bush’s era is part of The Dark Ages of American Science. There are a number of reasons for this change including 1) America is a semi-literate and scientifically illiterate nation 2) scientists just don’t wish to get involved in the politics of their own science just look at the fiasco in evolution. 3) many scientists fear their grants will be affected 4) some universities do not want any problems and know the consequences of professors speaking out against this administration in any form 5) many scientists have a disdain for talking to the American public 6) most scientists are not good at speaking especially in the format as presented by the media….the sound bite and 7) science is no longer taken to the people as it was hundreds of years ago.

I never thought I would see this in the scientific community. When Michael Crichton is considered someone with knowledge of climate change we are in serious trouble. As stated in one of my previous post, Everyone is a Scientist in America. But Crichton’s type of fraudulent rhetoric fits perfectly on something like Rush Limbaugh’s show or Fox news. There is no critical analysis…just that quick sound bite charged with emotion to push the button of the person who cannot understand climate change or will never take the time to research it. This is how everything is done in America and some media sluts like Ann Coulter have made a fortune after perfecting this right wing rhapsody.

But Crichton is part of the bigger problem and that’s number one on my list: America is a semi-literate and scientifically illiterate nation! More Americans believe in extra terrestrials and UFOs than in evolution. It’s 2006 but not in America! This group of theocratic fascists led by Bush and Cheney have plunged America into a backward slide that we may never recover from and that’s why Crichton’s book of fiction is considered science! Instead of science we look to myth, religion and rulers who talk to the spirits for our salvation and to solve our problems.

Perhaps H.L. Mencken said it best, “You will never go broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”


Blogger Richard said...

I listened to this book on an Audible.com download. I was stunned by the obvious intentions of the story: depicting ALL environmentalists as evil terrorists and the intentional inaccuracies, polical trivialisms, and avoidance of REAL science.
As a real scientist, as opposed to fictional scientists, such as Crichton (and I don't give a crap what University he managed to escape from). I will also state emphatically that MOST physicicans do NOT make the best scientists), I'm appalled by his attempt to denigrate ALL government and University science. Yes, we ALL know that some(I have no clue how many, but the number is small in my personal experience) scientists are tempted to misstate their results for fame or money. Nonetheless, Mr. Crichton (forget the Doctor, he has shown he doesn't deserve it) has chosen to indict ALL. It's very interesting that he eloquently states the supposed failures of government and University science, while being unable to remember ALL the increcible, remarkable successes of government and University science. This book is nothing but Fascist crap, paid for by either George Bush or Carl Rove. Take your pick.

8:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, after talking to my wife, I decided that you would think that I might be a disgruntled, rank and file, environmentalist. First off, I'M NOT an ENVIRONMENTALIST by trade or training. I AM a research chemist, who was, for too long a time, responsible for chemical and biological safety at my Institution. I have seen the indifferent and the ridiculously over scrupulos. I have a BS degree from Duke University, NC in Chemistry, and a PhD from Cornell University in Organic Chemistry. For obvious reasons, pretenders such as Crichton anger me. Harvard does NOT intimidate me. My best friends at Duke survived that institution (sanity intact). I'm not sure that my friends at Cornell did (some had to abrogate their better instincts, and unfortunately, I do not know what happened to them). The power of a travesty such as Crichton's opus is that it contains HALF truths. There is NO question (in my mind) that litigation is out of control in this country. On the other hand, HE (Crichton) tries to sell you on the idea that ALL safety proclamations from the government are WRONG. Only an idiot would agree with this view. Some are over the top, but MOST are helpful. According to Crichton, there is no "natural resources issue". Magically, this issue will resolve itself. ONLY AN IDIOT would believe this! The Laws of Conservation of MAss and Energy indicate that OUR resources will exhaust themselves unless we find a way to replenish them.

8:46 PM


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